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Smart Parts Ion / Epiphany On/Off Push Button
Our Price: $7.50

Have you ever tried to turn on your Smart Parts Ion and you really couldn't feel if its on or off? Well most people have and you can now solve that problem with a $5 upgrade. Smart Parts has now released a push button on/off that replaces the sticker on/off on any Ion paintball gun. This is the same button used in the Epiphany paintball gun. The clear button gives you a real feel push button on your frame so you don't have to guess if your guns on. The button is a clear plastic material which allows you to see the LED light on the board. Installation is simple and we will be glad to assist you over the phone with the process.
Smart Parts Ion Banjo Fitting 1/8"
Our Price: $8.00

We all break these occasionally. make sure you always have a spare in your box
GoG eXTCy Replacement Ball Detent Kit - Set of 2
Our Price: $10.00

Replace the detents on your GoG eXTCy with this factory replacement.
GOG 360 Banjo QEV - 4mm Barb
Our Price: $25.00

GOG's new QEV allows for a full 360 degrees of rotation for installation at any angle! All the added benefits of a quick exhaust valve are increased cycle rates and shots per tank, while decreasing dwell and input pressure in one tiny package.

Fits Extcy, G-1, Envy, SP1, Vibe Markers
Violent Series - GoG eXTCy Trigger
Our Price: $38.00

Violent Series Trigger for the GOG eXTCy

Violent Series trigger for the GOG eXTCy marker. This trigger is made of Delrin so it is super lightweight and very responsive. The "Scythe" shape of the trigger flows with the natural bends in your fingers and is ergonomically correct. This trigger uses dual precision bearings for the pivot point. We replaced the stock pivot pin with two cone head set screws that tighten the inner race of the bearing making it a true bearing pivot. The front face of the trigger has a full radius that runs the entire length of the trigger. The radius on the front gives you a comfortable contact point with your fingers, not a flat front and corner edge like other triggers on the market.