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Planet Eclipse Grease - 20ml Tube
Our Price: $9.00

All new Eclipse Grease! Ideal for lubing your Inline Regulator Piston, Low Pressure Regulator Piston or simply to make things really slippy! If you have a spool valve marker such as a Shocker or DM then you're in luck as almost all of their mechanical components will thrive if you lube them with Eclipse Grease. Warning :Eclipse Grease is NOT intended to be used on any Ego/Etek Rammer Assembly as this will affect the performance of your marker. To lubricate the Rammer correctly use Eclipse Gun oil.
TechT Gun Sav Paintball Lubricant
Our Price: $10.00

Gun Sav is specially blended for minimal "stiction", and maximum part movement. Gun Sav adheres to the part, and stays where you put it.
Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid - Lime Green
Our Price: $13.00

Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid - White
Our Price: $13.00

Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid - Red
Our Price: $13.00

Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid - Grey
Our Price: $13.00

Dangerous Power Formula 40 Lube
Our Price: $15.00

The DP 40 lube is formulated specifically for use with Dangerous Power markers. Coming in an .88 oz tube, this lube has factored in viscosity, temperature and humidity to arrive at this ideal forumla. DP 40 lube is safe for all paintball markers but is the perfect match for your Dangerous Power paintball gun.
Hater Paintball Hater Sauce - 3oz.
Our Price: $16.50

Hater Paintball Marmelade Gun Lube
Our Price: $16.50

Virtue Paintball SynSpeed V12 Synthetic Grease
Our Price: $17.00

Virtue SynSpeed is an entirely new synthetic grease formula designed to improve your gun's performance and reliability, while prolonging internal part and o-ring life at the same time. SynSpeed comes in a No-Mess XL Syringe, which allows for an easy light application of grease, preventing over application. Too much grease can be just as bad as too little grease! The enclosed "fingerless" Syringe design prevents dirt, moisture, finger oils, and other contaminates from interacting with the grease, breaking it down and reducing its life and effectiveness.